Founded in 2004, Southeastern Behavioral Healthcare Services, LLC is a renowned mental health agency that has been accredited by The Council on Quality and Leadership. Our agency is dedicated to providing a broad spectrum of therapeutic services designed to help individuals and families navigate their most trying periods. By adopting unique approaches, we deliver these services in a variety of settings, including homes, schools, communities, and offices, ensuring that our support is accessible and effective wherever it is needed most.

State Regulations and Privacy Policy

At Southeastern Behavioral Healthcare Services, we rigorously adhere to all federal and state regulations concerning privacy, including HIPAA. We are committed to protecting consumer rights, ensuring that no personal information is disclosed without the explicit legal consent of the individual involved.


Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care is reflected in our ongoing accreditation by The Council on Quality and Leadership. As a dedicated mental health agency, we continuously strive to uphold these standards, providing exceptional care and support to those we serve.