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Forensic Evaluations?

Forensic Evaluation means a local examination ordered by the court to determine if the defendant has the capacity to proceed to trial, does not have the capacity to proceed to trial, or needs further treatment at an inpatient facility or further evaluation at the Pre-Trial Evaluation Center.

The Forensic Process

The Forensic Evaluator interviews the defendant. The interview occurs sometimes in the court lock-up and sometimes in a private room in the court house, depending on the facilities available and the defendant’s legal status and sometimes at the forensic providers place of service..

The Evaluator’s job is not to provide mental health treatment. In the case of a Competence to Stand Trial evaluation the Evaluator’s job is to give the judge an opinion as to whether the person understands his legal situation and can work rationally with his attorney. Based on the interview, and the gathering of additional information, the Evaluator writes a report for the judge and often provides oral testimony as well. The Evaluator will also offer an opinion on whether the individual requires inpatient hospitalization.

The Forensic Evaluators shall submit a report that

1. is limited to evaluation of capacity to proceed to trial and does not address criminal responsibility, legal insanity, or diminished capacity

2. indicates the opinion of the evaluator that the defendant clearly has the capacity to proceed, that the defendant clearly lacks the capacity to proceed, or that the evaluator in unable to form a clear opinion

3. addresses the likelihood that the defendant will gain capacity if, in the opinion of the evaluator, the defendant clearly lacks the capacity to proceed: and

4. recommends a full evaluation at the Pre-Trail Evaluation Center if the evaluator is unable to form a clear opinion and the defendant is charged with felony.

Services Provided

Forensic Evaluations / Screenings
Partial Hospitalization
Anger Management
Behavioral Disorders
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Conduct Disorders
Marriage and Family Counseling
Stress Management
Substance Abuse


Monday thru Friday
8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Lumberton Office (Corporate Office)
3581 Lackey Street
Lumberton, NC 28360
Phone: (910) 738-5023
Fax: (910) 738-1451

Maxton Office
109 West Central St
Maxton, NC 28364
Office: (910) 844-2267
Fax: (910) 390-4307

Raeford Office
310 Harris Ave
Raeford, NC 28376
Office: (910) 848-2267
Fax: (910) 248-6571

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